About Luke

Luke Bryden

Hello, my name is Luke Bryden. I’m the creator and author of the blog essayreviewsbro.com. Despite the fact that I create content, I don’t like long texts about nothing. I prefer speaking in specifics. So, here’s a short story about myself:

  • The year 2016: I’m 18 years old, and I decide to enter the New Jersey University. I’m going to study the humanities. And while all my fellow students hate writing essays, I handle it with extreme ease. I help some of my groupmate girls write essays, and as the result, one of them becomes my girlfriend. I’m happy with my life to the max :)
  • The year 2017. I’ve been writing essays to order for my friends for a year already. Some of them render counter services to me for my help, and some just buy me coffee. The same year I learn that there exist essay writing services. It turns out that such companies need specialists like me. And I decide that it might be a good idea to make some extra cash on my ability to write essays. As the result, I become an author with a few services of this kind.
  • The year 2021. I already have 4 years of experience as an author with one of the best essay writing services. But this isn’t my first place of employment. I’ve already had quite a few occasions to encounter many fraudster companies. Some of them didn’t even pay me my well-earned money. And I decide that I’m simply obliged to share my experience with other students, because I know how one can tell a reliable essay writing service from an unreliable one.

Meet our team

luke bryden
Luke Bryden – founder, content creator
Minnie White – content creator, web designer

Why did I create this website?

  1. I hate injustice. Students aren’t the wealthiest people. And if some service takes a student’s money and writes a poor-quality essay for them, it’s actually a fraud.
  2. I don’t think that every student must be able to write essays. Let’s be honest, not everyone is able to write. If you aren’t good at writing and don’t like it, then maybe you shouldn’t do that. Entrust writing your works to an essay writing service, and turn your attention to something you are better at. But be sure to place your order with a reliable company.
  3. It is pleasant to be of use to others. I have a practical skill in choosing good essay writing services. So, why not share it? I believe in karma: if I do something good for the universe, something good will happen to me as well.

What I don’t do

  1. I don’t include writing companies in my rating for money. If your company wants to appear in my rating list, you’ll have to prove that you deserve it.
  2. I don’t delete bad testimonials about companies. I write each one of my reviews quite meticulously. Therefore, if a review comes out negative, there must have been reasons for it. If you are a company’s representative and you don’t like my review or the users’ comments below it, you can enter into a discussion and express your opinion.

How to contact me?

If you’ve had an experience of dealing with an essay writing service (be it negative or positive) and you’d like to share it, get in touch with me. You can also write your own testimonial about the company, and I’ll publish it on my website.

If you are a representative of a writing service and you want me to write a testimonial about you starting from a clean sheet, or to complement an existing one, you can contact me too. But I write only and exclusively objective testimonials. Therefore I will definitely check on how much your testimonial corresponds to reality.

Here are the ways to contact me:

  • Get in touch with me on one of the social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • E-mail me at: [email protected]
  • Or, come and see me at: 142 Lafayette St. Newark, NJ 07105 (but be sure to let me know about your visit in advance)