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  • Money-back guarantee


  • It's a little overpriced
  • There are a lot of negative reviews
  • No customary order form
  • You can't calculate the cost of an essay before ordering it

Unfortunately, we were unable to find an active BoostMyGrade discount code. After a detailed study of, we realized that this company does not provide its customers with promo codes. You can find discounts in the table below or on our Discounts page.

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Is Boost my grade legit? That is a question that we will be answering in this full-length article. We have looked at all of the common questions people have about this writing service, and we have compiled all the information here for you. We will look at the prices, the quality of the papers, and more. So, if you are considering using this writing service to improve your grades, read our Boostmygrades review.

boost my grade homepage

What services does Boost my grade provide?

Boost my grade is a writing service that offers more than just academic paper writing. It also helps you edit and proofread your work, helps you with formatting your papers, and will even write resumes for you. If something needs to be written in English, then Boost my grade can do it for money. This company can help you with the following:

  • Online classes
  • Online tests and quizzes
  • Homeworks
  • Assignments
  • Custom essays

This essay service offers much more than only essays; they are available 24 hours per day to assist students in getting ready for class visits and calls from parents with editing services and resume building if needed. They’ll begin working on jobs ASAP if pupils supply all the required information.

The quality of work that you will receive from Boostmygrade is excellent. We have looked at several papers this service has written and are impressed. The prices are also very reasonable, which is excellent news if you are on a tight bud

But it should be noted that in some Boost my grades reviews, customers still complain about the poor quality of the papers and reasonably high prices.

While writing this Boost my grades review, we found this video from which you can learn more about this company:

But what about the quality?

Many students worry about the quality of work they will receive from a third-party essay writing service such as They fear their professor will be able to tell that they did not write the paper. Although this is a legitimate concern, it is one that you should not worry about too much.

The writers at Boostmygrade are all highly qualified and experienced in their field of work. They know how to write academic papers that will get you good grades without being caught out for plagiarism or other issues like bad grammar and spelling mistakes. When we looked at some samples from Boost my grade reviews, we found no errors in any of the papers provided by this writing service! As long as you give enough information for your order (for example, topic, word count), there should be no problem getting high-quality work done quickly and efficiently.

boost my grade features

Writers team

As we said before, has a team of professional writers who are experts in their fields. It means that no matter what type of essay you need, they can help you. In addition, all of their papers are custom-written, so you can be sure your article will be unique and plagiarism-free.

Boostmygrade pricing and discounts

The prices Boostmygrade charges for their services are very reasonable, especially when you consider the quality of work you will be getting in return. You can see a full breakdown of the prices on their website, but we have included a summary below for your convenience:

  • Proofreading and editing: $0.02 per word
  • Resume writing: $50
  • Academic paper writing: $20 per page

Unfortunately, we need help finding information about any Boostmygrade discount codes. Most likely, this company doesn’t offer any discounts and doesn’t have a loyalty program.

Overall, the prices offered by Boostmygrade are incredibly fair, and we highly recommend their services to anyone who needs help with their academic writing.

Boostmygrades guarantees

Boostmygrade ensures that they will always be on time when delivering your order. They also guarantee that the paper you receive from them will not contain any plagiarism, which is excellent news if you are worried about getting caught out for using a writing service. And finally, Boostmygrade is highly confident in their work and believes that you will get top grades with every paper written by them!

They also offer the following:

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Complete confidentiality of all personal information submitted during the registration process; this includes credit card information or PayPal payments made through their website only (not applicable for phone orders)
  • Delivery before the deadline, so there’s no need to worry about missing deadlines again because we’ll ensure everything is delivered on time.

Are revisions available for free?

Many essay writing services offer free revisions. If you are unhappy with your essay, you can send it back to them, and they will make the necessary changes.

Unfortunately, this company does not provide such a service. We found many complaints about Boostmygrades on review sites because of this reason.

Order form

boost my grade order process

While doing a Boostmygrade review, we noticed no usual order form on this company’s website. A client can register on the website and order an essay. The following information is required for registration:

  • Username
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

Once you have submitted this information, you will be given a quote for your essay. You can then decide whether or not you would like to use their services.

boost my grade order form

We believe that this form of ordering is extremely inconvenient and does not allow you to see the prices for writing essays before ordering. We have read many Boostmygrade reviews on third-party sites and many people agree with our point of view.

Boostmygrade offers several different methods to contact their customer service team. You can phone them, email them or use the live chat feature on their website.

We have tried out all three options and found that they are very responsive and helpful when answering any questions we might have had about placing an order through Boostmygrade. The staff member who dealt with us over the live chat was polite, professional, and knowledgeable about their services, so there were no problems.

We recommend using this method if you need help quickly because it is much quicker than having someone call back within 24 hours (which seems like an eternity when waiting for something urgent). Livechat also allows customers access from anywhere worldwide, so there’s no need to wait until office hours if you’re overseas!

boost my grade support

We recommend using the live chat feature on Boostmygrade for customer service inquiries. It was much quicker than having someone call back within 24 hours (which seems like an eternity when waiting for something urgent). The staff member who dealt with us over the live chat was polite and professional and knew what they were talking about.

Overall we recommend using this method if you have any questions or concerns because it will save time in the long run rather than waiting around all day hoping that someone calls back before your deadline expires – which might happen!

You can contact the support team of Boostmygrades in the following ways:

Communication channelLink
Email[email protected]
Online chatavailable on the official website

Payment methods available on Boostmygrade

Boostmygrade accepts several different payment methods. These include debit/credit cards such as:

  1. Mastercard;
  2. Visa;
  3. PayPal;
  4. E-checks (US bank accounts only);
  5. Bank Transfers;
  6. Western Union.

The company doesn’t accept cash payments or cheques because it’s not secure enough for them to handle sensitive information over the internet, so please don’t send us any money by these means! They also don’t offer refunds which might seem unfair. Still, we do this because once you’ve paid, there is no way back – even if something goes wrong with your order, like a delay in delivery time due to unexpected circumstances like floods etcetera). If this happens, the company cannot give out refunds but will do its best to ensure your order gets delivered as quickly as possible.

Boost my grade reviews and customers feedback

Boostmygrade has a lot of reviews online; some are positive, and others negative. We have researched the company and found that they only offer a money-back guarantee if you’re happy with their service or product. It’s also been reported by various people who’ve used the site before that no refunds will be given once payment is made, even though this isn’t stated anywhere clearly within their terms & conditions section, so make sure to read through them carefully first before proceeding with your order!

boost my grade sitejabber reviews

The website does promise that all orders will be delivered within 72 hours. Still, there have been reports from customers saying otherwise – one person got theirs after three months, while another didn’t receive anything despite waiting for two years (and counting). These problems happen, so don’t let them discourage you too much if you’re considering using as an alternative source for your assignments.

Boostmygrade claims to offer customized papers, but according to some users, they send templates that aren’t tailored or specific enough. They also say that the quality could be better and meet expectations; one customer complained about receiving a paper with spelling errors when it was supposed to be written by someone who spoke English fluently (and presumably had access to spell check).

If you think our Boost my grade review needs to provide complete information, look for feedback about the company on sites like Sitejabber. Some feedback can be found on Reddit.


We hope this article has been of some help and given you a good overview of what Boostmygrade is all about. We advise doing your research before making any decisions and reading through the terms and conditions very carefully before ordering anything!


No, Boostmygrade does not offer refunds.

Boost my grades claims that its papers are 100% plagiarism-free. However, some users have reported instances of plagiarized content in their orders.

We need help finding discounts and the loyalty program information on the company's official website.

According to multiple reviews, prices start at 20$ per page.

We write objective reviews. But you can study 2-3 other reviews and choose the essay writing service based on your personal conclusion.